Train Me Now TMN Agile Training

Train Me Now ! (TMN), the Agile Training Methodology

TMN is an AGILE TRAINING METHODOLOGY to use in an enterprise that believes in its staff’s intellectual capital improvement. TMN is based on small iterations of training processes that produce inmediate performance.

“Which training could be better than the one received just by who needs it, just in the moment when it is needed and besides, guided to the problem to solve?”

In the PDF you will find the standards of the TMN process. The main concepts, the process, an explanation about why to use TMN in your enterprise, the TMN roles, the objetives…

We think it’s very useful to take some time to read and understand the guide. Step by Step. Then, think about the way to apply TMN in your environment. With TMN both, the enterprise and the workers win, so it worths to spend some minutes to know the TMN concept.

Please, if you have any doubts or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us on the Contact Page. TMN is growing up, so your feedback will be welcome and appreciated.


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TMN Guide v0.9 (English version) 18-12-2016


TMN Guide v0.9 (Spanish version) 18-12-2016



Why TMN?

Because lots of enterprises don’t offer their employees training; because they dont believe in the improvement-of-their-staff-by-training concepts and they prefer to hire better prepared professionals, or because they think training is a waste just because it is not “to produce something”.

Also, because other enterprises that luckily train their employees, but they use traditional training methodologies. (Hire a teacher, fill a room of people and then give the class – to all of them). This system is not efficient. Some of the people attending will never use the learned contents. Others will use the contents after a long period of time, when they have forgotten them, and just a few people will use the contents learned soon.
TMN expects to make the first ones aware of the fact that training their employees is not a waste but an investment, and help the second ones to use a more effective training.


Who is TMN for?

Like in SCRUM, XP or Lean IT, TMN fits perfectly in the software development world, but it is absolutely possible to use it on other environments. The advice we give you is to read the TMN Guide, understand it, and think what is the best method to apply it in your own environment.

It is not a must to be the enterprise director to be able to use TMN in your environment. Although it works better on medium size enterprise, with several departments and projects, it also can be implemented on small teams, at a project level. It is factible to use TMN whenever there is someone with learning needs and someone ready to teach. It will be an effective and efficient system.

The result of TMN is a “win-win”. The enterprise boosts its staff and improves its quality, so, probably the consequence will be an improvement in productivity and image. Employees get training, develope their personal career, resolve faster their projects, and perhaps, they will be a bit more happy in their jobs.